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Article provided by: Fitness Equipment Empire

Used exercise equipment

Used exercise equipment

Shop online at Fitness Equipment Empire to save on used exercise equipment for your home or gym. We have what you’re looking for at the best prices around, including cardio equipment, mats & flooring, weights & bars, benches & squat machines, fitness & strength machines, and dumbbells. Click on each product category to take a closer look at our inventory or contact a Fitness Equipment Empire specialist if you have questions about anything you see on our website. We can provide additional information or help you select the right equipment for your setup.

How Much Can I Save Buying Used Exercise Equipment?

You’ll save thousands of dollars compiling an at-home fitness room or selecting equipment for your fitness facility when you opt for quality used machines instead of brand new equipment. Check on prices at Fitness Equipment Empire and you’ll find lightly used machines at significantly discounted prices. Lower prices mean you’ll get more for your money and end up with a better set up compared with buying new. Depending on the type of machines or accessories you’re interested in buying, expect to pay one-third to one-fifth of the cost of new equipment when you shop with us.

Which Exercise Machines Are Must-Haves in My Home Gym?

Gym Cardio machines are an excellent choice when looking for equipment that will give you a good full-body workout. Star Trac E-SM StepMills will get your heart pumping, workout lower body muscles, and give you a terrific workout in less time than other machines. See our special prices on used Stepmills at Fitness Equipment Empire. We recommend Nustep Recumbent Cross Trainers for older customers who want an easy workout on hips and knee joints while still getting a great workout of cardiovascular and muscular systems. We have the Nustep in stock right now and it’s loaded with features that will make this equipment your go-to for heart-pumping action.

Clearance Equipment

Be sure to click the ‘Clearance’ link before checking out with used exercise equipment in your cart- you don’t want to miss any of our best deals. Prices on clearance equipment are seriously discounted to make room in our warehouse for new equipment coming in. Our loss is your gain when you shop our clearance section for the best prices you’ll find on the Web for bench press equipment, shoulder press machines, hip & glute machines, abdominal crunch equipment, seated leg press machines, and much, much more.

There’s no better place to find discounts on used exercise equipment than Fitness Equipment Empire. We have an extensive inventory of lightly used gym equipment that is ideal for both home and commercial fitness spaces. Build your dream home gym without spending a fortune on machinery, or meet the needs of your fitness clients who request specific items for their workout. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to us through our website and we’ll try to source your equipment at an affordable price.

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