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Group Fitness Classes Atlanta

Group Fitness Classes Atlanta

Do you want to start having a regular exercise routine, but you do not have enough motivation to do so? Try attending group fitness classes in Atlanta and workout with your buddies or soon-to-be buddies. Book a class now with Stellar Bodies and have fun in your next workout.

What are the advantages of attending Group Fitness Classes?

Group fitness classes make you enjoy your exercises as they offer social opportunities, motivation, and more health benefits. This is an opportunity to meet new people who may have the same body and lifestyle goals as yours. You will have other people to share your experiences and fitness challenges, who can relate as they may have also encountered these themselves.

Participating in group classes will challenge you to work out more as you are likely to work out harder when you see other people doing their best. You will also have your own cheering squad as you will have your classmates cheer as you achieve your goals. Also, attending classes will have more health benefits as there will be an assigned instructor who will oversee your training. The instructor will correct your form and give you other types of exercises.

What are the health benefits of Group Fitness Classes?

Joining a fitness class will significantly improve your health. It helps with weight loss and weight management by enhancing your body’s metabolism. It increases your stamina and reduces fatigue. Also, when you engage in fitness routines, it increases the amount of available oxygen and conditions, your heart and lungs to use oxygen more efficiently.

 Being fit also decreases your risk of developing diseases, specifically hypertension, stroke, and certain forms of cancer. It improves your fat levels, increasing the HDL or good cholesterol level, and decreasing the LDL or bad cholesterol level. Also, it helps in stress management, giving you a more relaxed feeling.

Lagree Fitness Training Method

Our group fitness classes in Atlanta will give you full-body conditioning through the Lagree Fitness Method. This method is a high-intensity low impact muscular endurance workout which applies all the elements of an efficient and effective exercise in just 50 minutes. It is a multi-faceted, comprehensive workout that combines both resistance and cardiovascular training.

Resistance training is a form of exercise which aims to improve the strength of muscles and endurance with either additional weights or doing the exercise against the gravity or your body weight. This includes pushups, sit-ups, and barbell squats. Cardiovascular training, which is also known as aerobic training, aims to increase muscular endurance through improving the performance of the heart and lungs. This includes running, cycling, and swimming.

The exercises will focus more on using the correct form rather than increasing the intensity. This overall strengthens the central core, tone the muscles, and improve endurance. It also increases your flexibility, posture, and restores the natural balance of your body. This method ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

Start burning fat and calories while kicking up your heart rate in a motivating and supportive environment with the workout buddies. Try the coolest group fitness classes in Atlanta with Stellar Bodies.

Group Fitness Classes Atlanta
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