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Best Hydration Drinks for Athletes

Best Hydration Drinks for Athletes

Whether you’re passionate about basketball, soccer, or tennis, you know that sports do wonders for your body and your mind, providing you with fun and fitness. 

Playing sports helps build stamina, improve concentration, strengthen bones, and fight anxiety and depression. However, excelling in any game requires more than just hard work and practice. You need to make sure you’re adequately hydrated to maintain your focus and fitness level.

Why Do I Need to Stay Hydrated During Sports?

Sports and hydration have a deeply linked relationship. For many sports activities, traditional tap water is not enough to meet sportspeople or athletes' needs.

This is because if you perform any sports activity, especially endurance sports such as cycling, then it is pretty likely that you can face dehydration, i.e., lose too much water from your body quickly. Dehydration will lead to a loss of electrolytes, causing your body to lose essential minerals such as calcium, sodium, and potassium from your body.

That’s why drinking the best athlete drinks that boost electrolyte count and accelerate hydration is essential. 

What Sports Drink Do I Need to Drink?

Sports drinks such as Northern Chill’s Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water can help boost your energy during your daily sports session. It will replace fluids in your body and replenish the glucose in your blood. This hydration drink will provide you with minerals and electrolytes essential for regulating muscle and nerve functions. 

The best hydration drinks for athletes are balanced in their nutritional content to ensure optimum replenishment. Ideally, such drinks should contain a moderate serving of minerals such as sodium and potassium to hydrate your energy-starved body.

Our Alkaline Mineral Water is naturally 7.8pH, naturally alkaline and well-concentrated. It, therefore, helps provide the ideal dose of power any athlete needs, making it one of the best drinks to stay hydrated. It is far superior to a carbonated sports drink that contains bubbles that cause gastrointestinal issues.

Moreover, our Mineral Water is very low-caloric, which means that if you’re an athlete who’s worried about added calories, you should especially buy Northern Chill. 

When Should I Drink My Sports Drinks?

A good recommendation you should follow while preparing for any sports or athletic activity, whether it's running, tennis, or biking, is to drink 2 cups of a fitness drink 2 hours before starting the exercise. This will help you get hydrated properly before you begin training. 

During your sports activity, you should follow up by drinking 4 to 6 ounces of the sports beverage every fifteen to twenty minutes to ensure your muscles are constantly hydrated.

Additionally, you should drink the beverage as soon as you’re finished to replenish your muscles and nerves.

Whether you’re a committed sportsman or an amateur athlete, hydration is a must to ensure you can keep your energy up and achieve your fitness targets. 

Give your body the electrolyte burst it needs by getting hold of Nothern Chill’s incredible Alkaline Mineral Water. You can buy our bottled water online at or contact us for inquiries: (715) 602-6317

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