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Cannabis Seeds California

Cannabis Seeds California

So you want to sell cannabis seeds in California. Before you do, it’s important that you know a few important points about selling cannabis seeds in California. In this post we’ll discuss details regarding intellectual property laws for cannabis seeds, where you can buy cannabis seeds in California, the number of plants that you can legally grow in California, and issues surrounding selling cannabis seeds internationally.

Cannabis Seeds May be Considered Intellectual Property 

Lawyers in California know that seed genetics can be very distinct among different growers and suggest that companies consult lawyers before they sell or transport cannabis seeds in California. Marijuana growers take pride in how much they know about growing it; this begins with a vast knowledge of seeds. Seed types include regular, auto-flowering, and female. Each of these contain a lot of subtypes, commonly called strains. Many growers take pride in the different elements of their strains, because their effects can differ depending on the properties of the seeds. Some strains are better for medical use, others are better for those who want to get intoxicated, and still others are better for those looking for a certain taste. More growers are claiming intellectual property rights; this is something they need to discuss with their business attorney.  

Laws Regarding Cannabis Seeds in California  

People can legally buy cannabis seeds in California and states where it’s legal for recreational use. They can be purchased at a dispensary or from a grower in that state. No matter where they buy them, it’s important that they purchase the seeds in the state, because domestic sales fall under federal law, which still believes marijuana is a serious narcotic.  

How many plants can I legally grow at one time in California? 

The California Cannabis Control Board has set the number of plants that any one person can grow simultaneously at six. You need to be over 21 and not living in a community that has rules about cultivating marijuana plants.  

Anyone that sells cannabis seeds in California needs to have procedures in place preventing sales to people who can’t buy it, such as minors.  
International Cannabis Seed Sales 

Many countries don’t have laws in place to regulate the sale of cannabis seeds, because seeds have many other uses that go beyond using it for recreational or medicinal purposes. They can be made into clothing, oils and food for animals. However, many countries are more strict about importing marijuana. California lawyers strongly advise anyone doing sales overseas to check with a lawyer first; otherwise interference by customs could affect your sales if they refuse to allow the shipment to arrive at its final destination. 

Those are the major issues you need to know about selling and buying cannabis seeds in California. If you follow the laws, and consult an attorney when you’re not sure what the law says about certain parts of it, you run less risk of getting in trouble for not following laws, such as not selling to minors, and selling seeds internationally in countries that may prohibit the sale of cannabis seeds. 

Cannabis Seeds California

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