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Cannabis Blue Dream

Cannabis Blue Dream

It is easy to see why cannabis Blue Dream has grown so widely in popularity. At Wholesale Bud, we provide the best Blue Dream price on the market. This hybrid strain is sixty percent sativa and forty percent indica, which makes it perfect for day time use. Relieving anxiety, depression, and pain are some of the top benefits of this bud. The parent strains of Blue Dream are Blueberry and Haze, which are classic strains that many people are aware of.

As one of the best hybrid cannabis strains, Blue Dream offers a well-rounded experience that leaves little to be desired. The typical THC levels found in this type of bud can range from seventeen percent to twenty four percent. Two percent CBD and one percent CBD are found in this strain of cannabis. Other variations of Blue Dream are available, but many users prefer the classic euphoria of this type of marijuana.

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Information

Important cannabis strain information includes the hard hitting and cerebral effects of the bud. Dense buds shaped like popcorn are produced by the plant, which has a neon green color. The fragrance of the strain is sweet and aromatic, but it dissipates quickly. The general flavor is sugary and dripping with blueberries. The trichomes add a crystallized appearance over the bright green nuggets of bud.

Amber hairs with blue undertones thickly cover the buds of this marijuana plant. The creative and uplifting high can get you energized to start your day. However, night time use of this strain is also good because it can allow you to feel relaxed. It is ideal for saying goodbye to high stress levels, paranoia, and inflammation in the joints or limbs. The most common complaints about this strain were that it has lingering effects that can last for hours.

Basic Characteristics and Features

This strain is perfect for medicinal or recreational use, as it provides middle of the road results. The high THC levels and sweet flavors of this strain make it appeal to a wide variety of users, but growers also love this strain. The indoor yield of this strain is much larger than the outdoor yield, but the flowering time is approximately ten weeks long. When planting outdoors, October is the best time to get the seeds in the ground. Growers love the high yield, large buds, and easy growing process of Blue Dream. At Wholesale Bud, we can connect you with varying amounts of the Blue Dream strain at an affordable price.

Wide Variety of Cannabis Strains

In addition to offering Blue Dream, our company also provides a long list of cannabis strains. You will find everything from Sour Diesel to Hawaiian Haze and more. If you need more information about the Blue Dream strain we offer, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our staff. Reach out to us here to gain more details about Blue Dream and the multitude of other cannabis strains we have to offer at Wholesale Bud. We look forward to helping you out!

Cannabis Blue Dream

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