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Article provided by: Northern Chill

Best Mineral Water To Drink

Best Mineral Water To Drink

Your health and well-being depend on drinking plenty of water every day. Simply drinking tap water may not provide you with healthful benefits. You can improve your body’s function when you drink mineral water that has a higher level of alkalinity. Here are five benefits of our Northern Chill alkaline mineral water.

  1. Alkaline water provides you with minerals that your body needs. Many of these minerals are hard to get through your diet alone. These minerals are available in small amounts in the best mineral water to drink. Some of the minerals that you will find in our water include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The minerals come from the natural purification process. Your body needs minerals in small amounts to perform at its best.


  1. Alkaline water offers antioxidant help for your body. Your body needs antioxidants to help fight off harmful bacteria and illnesses. You can give your body a boost of support when you drink water that has antioxidant properties. The best mineral water to drink provides you with the healthful benefits of alkalinity to enhance the antioxidants in your body. Our alkaline water has a natural pH of 7.8.


  1. Alkaline water improves the body’s pH balance. The body generally has an acidic content due to the many types of acidic foods and beverages we consume. You can neutralize the effects of acidity by drinking mineral water that has elevated alkaline content. When you raise the alkalinity in your body, you will likely notice some benefits because your body will operate more efficiently and effectively. We use only pure water with no additives or unnatural processes. We think Northern Chill is the best mineral water to drink.


  1. The best mineral water can help fight disease. Some people believe that water with a high pH will assist the body when fighting illnesses, including cancer. Many types of conditions can thrive in an acidic environment. By increasing the alkalinity in your body, you may be able to help stave off harmful ailments. Alkaline mineral water is one of the easiest and best ways to raise your body’s pH level naturally.


  1. Alkaline water tastes good. You will enjoy the smooth, fresh taste of Northern Chill. We let Mother Nature process our water. We obtain high-quality water from pristine aquifers in Northern Wisconsin. We don’t add anything or modify the water as many companies do. Our water tastes good and is good for you. Once you taste the clean natural water with no additives, you will know that this is the best mineral water available.


At Northern Chill, we bring you the freshest polar water without any additives or over-processing. We know that our water tastes fresh and quenches your thirst while giving you the benefits of natural mineral alkaline water. When you want to buy the best-tasting and most refreshing mineral water on the market, buy Northern Chill. Learn more about our tasty and healthful water online. You can buy our bottled water online at or contact us for inquiries: (715) 602-6317.

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